Why wine is a must to make your Valentine’s Day memorable?

Why wine is a must to make your Valentine’s Day memorable?

One captivating glass of red wine is sufficient to strike a perfect ambience for a romantic proposal on this Valentine!

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is around the corner. This day offers a perfect opportunity for the couples to showcase their affection and profess their love. The love birds are often under pressure to come up with something unique and special to make the moment perfect. Though people are attracted towards a bunch of roses and chocolates for their romantic proposal in the best café in Bendigo, one glass of red wine is sufficient to strike ‘that perfect’ ambience.

Valentine’s Day offers individuals an ingenious way to do something extra special and break the monotony. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; just a magical glass of wine from a winery restaurant in Bendigo will do the honours.

Here are a few reasons why wine is a must to make your Valentine’s Day memorable.

1.      Impression

A glass of freshly brewed wine from a famous winery restaurant in Bendigo looks enchanting when you are trying to impress your valentine.

The cafes in Bendigo are connoisseurs in preparing your dinner table that casts a bewitching impact. Saying “Cheers!” in such a romantic ambience would additionally make it awe-inspiring and etched on hearts forever. 

2.      Romance

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, romance and professing your feelings to your sweetheart. What could be more romantic than sharing a glass of wine and tasting from each other glass? Deep in flavour, rich yet mystical, freshly brewed wine does something magical to the senses. Relax and unwind in the magnetic aroma of the wines when you really take on that beautiful face looking back at you across the table.

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3.      Spice up the things

Valentine’s Day is well-known for its eternal hook-up with wine. The aphrodisiac properties of wine stimulate the production of ‘oxytocin’- better known as the love hormone. The combination when paired with chocolate makes the milieu undeniably romantic. So, order a glass of red wine from the best cafe in Bendigo and set the mood.

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4.      Feel forever young

According to researchers, wine slows down the signs of aging and promotes longevity of life in both men and women. It not only makes you feel refreshed but makes you look younger as well. What could be better than drinking freshly brewed wine in a famous winery restaurant in Bendigo with your partner? Reserve your tables before they are fully booked.

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5.      A step towards perfection

Everyone would want everything about their Valentine’s Day to go perfectly, smoothly and without any hassle. From appetizers to meals and from beverages to desserts everything should complement the special day. Luckily, wines from the Vineyard are well paired with every type of dinner.

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