What are the new venue trends in corporate events for a memorable experience?

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Break the monotony if you really want to impress your guests and stand out! Find out a more stupendous venue that is not only awe-inspiring but has a ‘Wow’ factor associated as well.

Companies host corporate events to achieve positive brand associations and build memorable experiences with employees, clients and stakeholders of all kinds. It’s quite easy to just book a hall from a number of conference venues near Melbourne airport for the upcoming corporate affair. While there is nothing wrong with zero-in on these venues but if you really want to impress your guests and stand out, you need a venue with “X” factor.

Finding a venue having a ‘WOW’ factor may be an intimidating task but this extra effort would make your business and reputation go up by leaps and bounds. It’s important to keep your guests excited and engaged throughout the event. Here are the top three latest corporate event venue trends that keep your guests mesmerized and make them go gaga over your choice.

1.      Non-traditional venues

It’s time to think beyond the traditional venues. Don’t limit yourself to the old school rules while selecting corporate-meeting venues. The conventional meeting venues do provide ample space for your event but they lack inspiration and innovation. The usual hotel rooms, traditional convention centres and other meeting ballrooms offer bland recollections to the guests.

However, choosing contemporary corporate event venues over traditional ones would encourage integration that results in long-lasting memories. These places even serve as conversation starters for years to come. Unique venues such as a garden, a winery restaurant in Bendigo, museum, castle etc would be a perfect pick to showcase your company’s style, values and brand power.

Finalizing a famous winery restaurant in Bendigo gives you a chance to make an eternal impression on your guests and remind that this venue won’t be like other meeting rooms they’re invited to.

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2.      Prefer Local

The modern-day consumer prefers and appreciates when you follow local and eco-friendly practices. Maximizing the usage of local resources, community and culture mark a stupendous impression on your guests. Your small effort would not only help the local business but adds an additional selling point to your business by showcasing your concern for community and humanity.  

Incorporating the local flavour in your events such as food, culture, landscape and wine would make you stand above the rest in the market. The main aim should be to offer a unique and never-before experience to your guests. By hosting a corporate event in a famous winery restaurant in Bendigo makes your guests connect with the mesmerizing ambience of the vineyard thereby making you transcend in your business endeavours.

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3.      Technology Driven

Technology does play a vital role in corporate venue selection. Most of the corporate planners prefer a venue that has good internet connectivity or is Wi-Fi enabled and offers support for projectors, speakers etc. From room acoustics to internet connectivity, the venue for the corporate event should be technically well equipped.

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