The Big Hill’s Exotic Menu- Now Open for Pickup and Delivery

The Big Hill’s Exotic Menu- Now Open for Pickup and Delivery

“Indulge in the effervescence of taste and aroma with The Big Hill’s luscious menu and succulent fresh wine.”

The Big Hill Vineyard is a name synonymous with world-class cuisine and our chefs can create a heavenly, one of its kind culinary experience. Our chefs have been selected after a rigorous screening session and trained to create a mesmerizing holistic experience.

The delicacies offered at The Big Hill Vineyard, are more than just an ordinary restaurant. This jim-dandy restaurant offers delicious international cuisines and has quickly turned into a hub of crafted wines. The fresh brewery and sumptuous dishes at The Big Hill are sure to tempt even a discerning foodie.

From light meals to savory portions of pasta and from kids-meals to finger-licking desserts, the connoisseur chefs are always assiduous to offer you an irresistible treat.

Are the Quality Checks Conducted?

We stick to stringent quality checks which means the guests will be served with the finest and the freshest ingredients tossed with love and care. Our chefs keep in mind if any specific dietary requirement or a preferred dish is mentioned and will be duly noted at the time of registration so that the preparation of the specifications is done timely.

Do We Serve Wines?

Talk about toasting and tasting, we are numero-uno in serving Australia’s most preferred wines. An array of wines and beverages mark the festive spirit and gaiety in each occasion.

Choose the starters and main course from the menu and team it up with our special wines and beverage package.

Is Designing/Customizing the Menu possible?

Our team is happy to assist you customize and create a menu suiting your requirements and pocket to give you an enchanting culinary experience.

‘Food is the way to man’s heart’ and we know how to reach the heart of the guests with our exemplary tastes and presentations. A unique range of gastronomical delicacies created by our chefs will be the perfect conversation-starter and will mark the success of your event.

A Treat for Every Age Group

As the world gets ready to get quarantined in the fight against the deadly coronavirus, The Big Hill Vineyard has started pick-up and delivery services on our customer’s requests. Explore the exquisite range of gastronomical delights for every epicurean on the website.

Be it a vegan, dessert glutton or wine gourmand, The Big Hill Vineyard Menu has something for every bon vivant. Call us at 4417 6802 or 0437 929 697 to place the order. We provide pickup and delivery to Kangaroo Flat, Big Hill, Ravenswood and Lockwood areas. And don’t forget to add Big Hill’s exclusively prepared Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon to your list!

Worried about your Dream Wedding? Here’s what you can do

Enjoy the comfort of your home as the food gets delivered right at your doorsteps. Now, you don’t have to rush to markets and shops to get something to cook when cupboards and fridge are empty. Stay safe inside from the clutches of COVID-19 and allow us to deliver your favorite dish in minutes.

Discover the authentic international cuisine, including Pan-Australian nosh, exotic Indian selections and freshly brewed wines from the Vineyard of The Big Hill. Order Now!