Take-Away and Delivery Food is 100% Safe during COVID-19 Pandemic

Food Standards Australia New Zealand and WHO have stated that there is no evidence on humans getting infected with COVD-19 through food or food packaging. This post of The Big Hill Bendigo Café and Restaurant sheds light on the most common dilemma regarding the safety of take-away and delivered food.

The Food Standards Australia New Zealand has stated that there is no evidence regarding the transmission of COVID-19 through food or food packing. A similar set of advisory was also issued by the WHO (World Health Organization) and other international food safety authorities. So far there is no recorded case of food borne transmission. 

The council stresses that COVID-19 is not a food-borne disease and is in fact, a respiratory disease. There is no evidence found that proves the transmission through swallowing the virus on or in food/meal or beverage. The transmission takes place only when you come in close contact with the infected person through sneezing or coughing.

Cathy Moir, Chair of Food Safety Information Council shares in her post on the official website of the council that our lifestyles today need a radical change. By looking at the current global events it is very important to take proper precautions and follow general/personal hygiene practices by heart.

To ensure that all foodies across Big Hill, Kangaroo Flats, Ravenswood and Lockwood get delectable food cooked with gourmet ingredients, the Big Hill Restaurant is now open for food pick-up and delivery services. With an aim to deliver your favourite cuisine at the doorstep, The Big Hill Restaurant performs stringent checks and compliance of various safety measures while preparing, packaging and delivering food. 

Missing your Favourite Food? Get It Delivered Right Away

As we ensure a contact-less and 100% safe delivery, the health experts suggest some easy practices to be followed while opening the take-away or delivered food by the users.

How to open the take-away or delivered food?

Professor Craig W. Hedberg, Head of Department at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health shares that risk of infection from takeout packaging is extremely low and comparable to negligible. But, certainly, everyone needs to wash hands properly before and after touching the packaging materials. This ensures that if there are any germs that may have got on your hands from the container top or body are washed away. 

The packaging should be opened in the sink rather than using any of the home surfaces. The reason is that the sink can easily be washed after having the meal. Next, transfer all the food contents (takeaway or home-delivered) from the plastic containers to clean plates or dinnerware. 

Avoid keeping leftovers in the original containers (even if you are placing them in the refrigerator). Use your own food storage containers or bowls to store the leftover food.

Wash, Wash and Wash Hands!

After disposing the packaging, wash your hands at least for 20 seconds and perform the same ritual before you consume food as well. While washing hands, make sure to wash all parts of the hand properly including nails and lower parts of the wrist as well.

Apart from that, don’t keep the hot food or meal that requires refrigeration, freezing, etc. more than an hour at your doorstep.

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Bon Appétit!

It’s true that celebrations would be different this year but what actually matters are your emotions and mood to celebrate. So, be it an anniversary or birthday or just a family dinner, the delectable and exotic dishes from the kitchen of the Big Hill Restaurant would turn on your happy hours for sure.

Wedding Anniversary? Pamper Your Wife with Exotic Takeaway Options from the Big Hill Restaurant

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