Some great ideas for a perfect summer wedding in Bendigo

Some great ideas for a perfect summer wedding in Bendigo

Warm, Romantic and Beautiful – These are some perfect synonyms for a summer wedding in Bendigo. Summers in Australia are best known for lazing on the beach and adoring the awesome outdoors. Be it a beach reception or a Vineyard wedding in Bendigo, here are some great ideas to make your summer wedding memorable and etched in everyone’s heart forever.

·        Summer Wedding Venues

Finalizing the best from your shortlisted wedding venue restaurants in Bendigo could be a tedious task. You can explore the internet to check the reviews, ratings, feedbacks and social media profiles before you zero-in on any venue.  Whatever wedding location you select, it should have provision to deal with unexpected weather conditions.

Your guests should feel comfortable throughout the wedding functions. If you are hosting the wedding midday, make sure that there is enough shade for the guests as well as the couple tying the knot.

The location should provide proper cooling/ shade arrangements like fans, umbrellas if the wedding ceremonies are held outside. Umbrellas not only provide a refreshing and invigorative feel to the guests but add to your décor arrangements as well. Gardens, beaches and vineyards are a few unparalleled choices to host your ceremony. Halls and tents could be your choices for reception areas.

Vineyard weddings in Victoria are gaining popularity as they offer a dual benefit to the guests. The mesmerizing backdrop of the Vineyard makes your wedding awe-inspiring and the banquet halls within the premises are perfect for the reception.

·        Wedding Décor/theme

The decoration and theme of your wedding venue greatly influence the atmosphere of your wedding. For an outdoor wedding, you can keep things simple and subtle to maximize the advantage of the stunning natural backdrop.

If you are planning a decoration of fresh flowers, make sure that they withstand the heat of the summer. Otherwise, you can place them in shade. Go for floral arrangements or bouquets with flowers that don’t wither easily.

Another option to wow your guests could be to create a flower wall. If you are choosing an alfresco wedding, all your efforts should complement the natural surroundings.

·        Wedding Dress

For a summer wedding, make sure that your (bride) as well bridesmaid dresses are light and cool. A heavy dress would make you feel hot and keep you frustrated on your d-day. Rather than open hair, try to choose hairstyles that keep your hair away from your face. A beautiful messy bun would be a great option. Also, make sure that your make-up is well-set and is waterproof.

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·        Catering

Food is something that would be a conversation starter for the guests. Treat your guests with a great selection of food and beverages throughout the wedding function. Choose the menu diligently. Select the food items that don’t get spoiled easily in the summer heat.

The platters and other menu items should be properly covered especially fresh foods to keep bees and other bugs away. Fresh fruits, cheese platters, seafood, veggies on skewers etc are some good options for summers as they are light and refreshing.

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Hosting your wedding at the famous winery restaurant in Bendigo would mean your guests can relish freshly brewed wines. Apart from alcohol, have a separate section for non-alcoholic drinks as well because guests prefer more of these during summers. For your cake, make sure that your venue has cooling equipment or refrigerator to avoid the cake from melting.

Tying the holy knot or marriage, is a beautiful moment no matter what time of year it is. If you love flourishing gardens, summer weddings are perfect for you.  Make the most of Mother Nature to enhance the colours and sounds of your wedding venue. 

Say, “I do”, against the romantic backdrop of Mt. Alexander and stupefying grapevines in the most popular wedding venue in Bendigo- The Big Hill Vineyard, restaurant and café. Call us today and plan your special day with us!