Missing Your Favourite Victorian Delicacies? Here are Top 5 Dishes to Try This Lockdown

Missing Your Favourite Victorian Delicacies? Here are Top 5 Dishes to Try This Lockdown

The second wave of coronavirus has left everything to shut, leaving the foodie inside us craving! Here are 5 delicious dishes to feast your taste buds coming directly from the kitchen of The Big Hill Café and Restaurant.

It’s hard to reminisce the golden days when we hopped across the streets with friends and the family get-togethers were usual things. The luxury of stepping out seems like a distant dream in today’s scenario.

The good news is, most of the cafés in Bendigo have already started take-away and delivery. You can order your favourite food right from the comfort of your home. Get it delivered right at your doorstep or opt for an easy takeaway in Bendigo.

Getting jealous of your friends posting yummy dishes on Instagram? Now here is your chance. Order your favourite dish from the exotic and mouth-watering menu of The Big Hill Café and Restaurant- one of the best Victorian wineries with restaurants.

1.     Succulent and Juicy Meats

The gourmet chefs prepare the world’s best exotic and finger-licking meat recipes that will surely content your taste-buds. The succulent beef stewed with onion, mushrooms and carrots in a crisp pastry and Honey glazed salmon are a treat to the foodie in you. Apart from that, enjoy scrumptious lambs, porks and chicken at the best prices in Bendigo.

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2.      Light Meals

Are you health-conscious and concerned about your calories? The Big Hill café menu brings you light dishes that will satiate your hunger as well as take care of your calories. The classic Caesar Salad with baby cos lettuce, bacon, garlic croutons, parmesan & egg will make you stay energetic all day.

Delve in the aromatic crispy and crunchy Chicken Strips dipped in Peri-Peri Mayo. The Big Hill triple sliders pulled pork, veg & lamb is one of the best-seller dishes on the menu.

3.      Burgers and Pastas

You must be slurping on reading tantalizing burgers and creamy pastas! Who doesn’t like the traditional Aussie Burger filled with a crunchy and juicy beef patty, cheese, onion marmalade, tomato, bacon and barbecue mayo?

In this lockdown while you cannot go out and hang out with your buddies you can definitely order one and enjoy a virtual party at home. Grab the yummiest lamb Burger, sizzling New York Chicken Burger or Mix Veg patty burger at never before prices.

Don’t forget to explore the exciting range of pasta delicacies and flavours.

4.      Kids Special

Looking out for a restaurant that delivers fish and chips near you? The Big Hill Café and Restaurant deliver irresistibly delicious kids special meals such as Cheesy Pasta, Cheese Burger, nuggets and crispy chips.

Organizing your kid’s virtual Birthday party? You will find everything here to bring that sweetest smile on your kid’s face.

5.      Desserts

Celebrations are incomplete without a dessert!

Whether it’s your cravings for something sweet or celebrations, The Big Hill menu has got everything to please your appetence. Soft and moist brownies, moist Gulab Jamun and tangy Lemon Meringue Tart never fail to satisfy your sweet tooth. The exotic dessert menu of this winery restaurant in Bendigo satisfies your penchant for sweet delights.

The Big Hill café and Restaurant is offering one of the fastest pickup and delivery in Bendigo for the orders. With the flexibility of payment options, Big Hill is quickly grabbing the attention of food lovers. You can either opt for cash-on-delivery, PayPal or Credit card. You can either place the order online here or call us directly at +61 03 4417 6802 or +61 411 817 504. Send us your feedback and queries at info@bighillfunctions.com.