Key Considerations before Zeroing In on a Venue for Product Launch

Venue for Product Launch

While planning for a product launch the key focus always lies on how the product should be unveiled to the world for the first time. Right showcasing of the product is necessary to keep up with the brand name and how the product is received by the audience.

Every organization aims to go that extra mile to pull out all the stops to make the product launch successful. The venue for your product launch is that big cheese which plays a crucial role in your brand activation and triumphant product launch.

On your venue selection spree, lookout for spaces that are analogous to your brand’s style and image. Don’t back on wrong horses such as those with either too big or too small spaces, not commutable, not having the right technical support or having weary ambience.

So, before you go into the overdrive mode for your next product launch event, here are some tips that would help you to zero-in on a perfect venue.

1.      Accessible Location

Things may turn problematic if the venue is not accessible easily or difficult to be found out. This may significantly deter your guests’ turnout number. The thumb rule for a venue selection is that it should be easily accessible and commutable.

 Prefer conference venues near Melbourne airport if you want buyers and media to attend your product launch event. Apart from this, make sure that the venue has an onsite parking and convenient public transport (or, cabs) access as well.

2.      Natural Light

If you are planning an alfresco or daytime event make sure that your venue offers plenty of natural light. Don’t forget to remind your photographer to arrive early and get a good pre-shoot of the product.

If you are organizing the event inside, then make sure that the halls are well illuminated. But, the hall/venue should also have an ability to create a blackout effect. Sometimes you need to blackout external light for production and projection elements.

Your product presentation plays a pivotal role as the product launch would be covered in various business magazines and press. The event should be able to impress the investors, critics and the buyers as well. 

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3.      Perfect Ambience

Rather than choosing those traditional and monotonous halls for your event, go for a change this season. Zeroing in on a Vineyard for your product launch would offer the right ambience that sets the tone of an entire event.

Such events need excessive considerations as they are the stepping stones of relationships between the media and the company. It is very important to ensure that the media gives a positive nod to your product and event.

4.      Venue Capacity and Seating Arrangement

An overcrowded venue will ruin all your efforts to make the event successful. The venue should offer a vivid seating arrangement that easily absorbs any number of guests rather than packing them like sardines. Connect with the venue manager for suggestions on seating arrangements.

In addition to the seating arrangement, attendees hate to battle for a parking space in such events. Make sure that the venue preferably has its own onsite parking facility.

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5.      Tech Connectivity of the Venue

You shouldn’t take the tech connectivity of the venue for granted in such events. Every product launch event needs some sort of technical equipment such as sound effects, projector, proper lighting etc. Make sure that your venue offers top-notch technical exposure.

Personally vet on all things else it may make your event a potential nightmare. Perform all the checks on priority.

6.      Prefer In-House Catering

To enhance your brand, theme and the product, make sure that you are offering your guests the best of delicacies and beverages. Binging on an external caterer would be a headache. Prefer to go with in-house caterers.

Most of the Victorian product launch venues have exceptional and connoisseur chefs that are experts in preparing a themed menu. Hosting a product launch event in a Vineyard offers freshly brewed wines and finger-licking good food.

Always remember, your venue can speak volumes!

Analyze the location properly and explore what they can offer to make your event successful. Not all venues can offer exactly what you need. But, The Big Hill Vineyard, Bendigo offers an iconic location with mesmerizing backdrops with a forte to make your event sizzle.

Totally adhering to your company’s brand image and style, The Big Hill Vineyard has three halls with a flexible seating capacity from 50 to 500 guests. Equipped with all ultra-modern technical features, host a grand showcasing of your product at The Big Hill.

Strategically located near Melbourne airport, this cream of the crop ticks all your concerned boxes for your next product launch event. Highlight your brand and allow your product to shine in the perfect ambience and warm hospitality of The Big Hill Vineyard. For more information call us at +61 03 4417 6802, +61 411 817 504. You can also drop us an email at info@bighillfunctions.com for bookings and reservations.