How to make your NYE at-home party sensational? | New Year Party Tips

How to make your NYE at-home party sensational? | New Year Party Tips

Every host wants that guests shouldn’t stop talking about their sensational party even after weeks. Here are a few essential components of New Year Eve party from The Big Hill Restaurant and Cafe professionals.

Planning a New Year Eve party at your home in Bendigo?

You would definitely leave no stone unturned to make it rocking and have your guests wake up next morning and think, “The bash was sensational and stellar”.

Aussies are a great fan of hosting at-home NYE bash as it’s cost-efficient, convenient and there are no restrictions/dilemmas regarding night outs. Whether it’s a formal dinner event or a casual soiree, here are vital tips to make your NYE party memorable right from your comfort zone i.e. home.

1.      Invite

Invite sets the tone of the entire event. Design the invite beautifully so that your guests feel excited about opening the invite and sharing their confirmation promptly. Make sure to include all pertinent information such as time, occasion, dress code, location, etc. to give a personal touch to the invite. Go for an e-invite in case you are busy. Don’t forget to give them a reminder call a couple of days before.

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2.      Number of Guests

Your event should have exclusivity. At-home parties are intimate. So, you have to put a check on the number of guests. To avoid the party going monotonous, ensure diversity in your guest list. The best guest list should include your loved ones, guests from mixed-age groups, conversationalists, listeners, etc. This would make your party “happening”!

3.      Attractive ambience

If you are hosting a party inside, make sure to clear out some furniture from the living area to make the party area more spacious. For dinner parties, make the ambience lovable by lighting votive and scented candles, prefer dim lighting etc. Designate your space so that your guests know the party-zone in your home. This will give them a hint of which areas are not in limits.

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4.      A lively playlist

Set the party mood-on with a lively playlist without which the bash would look like a formal meeting. Your playlist should have several hours of non-stop music. Shortlist the songs that sway your guests into a party mood! The music during dinner/lunch should be light and different from the dance numbers.

Shortlisting songs seem difficult? Just set a party playlist from your favourite podcast channel and it’s done!!

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5.      Themed Party

To add more excitement and fun to your party, set a theme for the bash and don’t forget to mention the same in the invite. This personalized and creative touch is a brilliant way to make your guests excited for the event as well as make your party interesting from other similar NYE parties in Bendigo.

6.      Delicious Food and cocktails

Cool cocktails, sumptuous bites and fun, these are the core ingredients for the success of any party. If your main course is starting late, you should have some snacks/starters for your guests to munch on. Make some preparations a day before such as cutting vegetables, pre-cooking them etc.

Don’t stress yourself! You can order food online from the best restaurants in Bendigo. Explore the menu online and shortlist the dishes. Enquire about home delivery or take away services offered by that restaurant. Just order them a few minutes before starting your main course so that they arrive well on time.

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