How to Make Your Kid’s First Birthday Memorable in Lockdown?

How to Make Your Kid’s First Birthday Memorable in Lockdown?

Every birthday is special but when it comes to your child’s first birthday, it means an extra dose of celebrations. When everything is closed in this phase of COVID-19, here’s how you can make your kid’s first birthday memorable.

For families in Australia, the first birthday celebration means a family get-together, hosting a party in a restaurant, going for a fun picnic, having BBQ, etc. But, sadly this global pandemic has shattered all the hopes. Staying at home for any celebrations is the new normal.

Staying at home doesn’t mean that you cannot celebrate your kid’s first birthday and make them feel special. In fact, The Big Hill Café and Restaurant brings you some exciting ideas to make your kid’s day special despite social distancing and lockdown.

1.      Bring the Restaurant Home

The celebrations are incomplete without a cake. If you cannot send everyone cake, why not send delicious brownies and cheese-cake. You don’t need to drive your car and deliver the fish and chips to your families and friends. Just call and place the order at the Big Hill café and restaurant. We will make sure that your items are delivered safely at the doorstep.

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2.      Host a Virtual Party

Virtual parties are the new normal amid lockdown. As you cannot step outside and make your way to the restaurants or parks, organize a virtual party at home itself using Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc. Video calling is the best way to spend a gala time with people who are close to your heart.

Play some games such as dumb charades, online ludo, Bingo, quizzes, etc. This makes the event livelier and encourages participation.

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3.      Backyard Picnic

If you have an outdoor space (lawn) or balcony or a backyard, set out a picnic for your kids there. Just dress up to the nines and order your favourite food from the best winery restaurant in Bendigo. Children will get parent’s attention and quality time; this is indeed the best gift for their birthday.

Don’t take the pain of cooking at home and wasting your precious time. Just explore the exotic Big Hill Café menu and order a scrumptious dinner for your kids and family. Be it vegan or kids special, you will find everything at affordable and reasonable prices. The biggest advantage is that you just need to do the home decorations and leave the food to us.

4.      Go Netflix!

Grab a collection of movies that your kids or family enjoys the most. Go for Netflix, Stan, Foxtel, Amazon Prime, etc and enjoy the emotional moments and hysterical laughs while watching the movies. Don’t forget to grab the popcorn tubs or just click here to order your favourite snack from the kitchen of the Big Hill.

The streaming channels also allow you to join with your friends via a live chat option. So, you and all your loved ones can enjoy a great cinematic experience sitting right at your home.

5.      Bring Out the Child within You

Take off from your office routine and give your entire day to your child. First Birthday is the time when you can experiment with new things such as playing with clay, building out a fort using pillows, blankets, boxes etc. Arrange for a photo shoot with your little one.  Give your princess/prince a memory that she/he relishes upon growing up.

6.      Rekindle Memory lane

This is one of the beautiful ways to celebrate your kid’s first birthday during the lockdown. Go through all the old videos, the monthly birthdays and photos. Cherish all the milestones achieved by your little one. You can make a collage or compose a video that takes you down the memory lane.

The silver lining of every celebration is love, togetherness and delicious food. While you host a virtual party or a lawn picnic, Big Hill’s delicious dishes are sure to win your hearts.

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