How to Make your Corporate Retreat Alive and Kicking?

A peaceful ambience away from the bustle of the city offers a perfect milieu to spark creativity and foster teamwork

Every human being needs his own space away from the chaos of daily routine, office chores and the bustles of “WORK”. Corporate retreats offer a great getaway opportunity to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

When a team dives together without the cover of work, it nurtures the team bond, sparks inspiration and leverages the communication. Just like a family vacation, memories spent on a company retreat will be etched for life.

This post of The Big Hill ushers some exciting tips to make your corporate retreat alive and kicking.

Why plan a Company Retreat?

In this era of globalization, remote companies follow different tools to stay connected and organized professionally.  Retreats offer a great opportunity for teammates to unwind the stress and know each other personally.  Irrespective of the company, big or small, every individual undergoes a scintillating transformation within themselves during a corporate retreat.

While most of us are always cribbing about our weaknesses, a corporate retreat gives a chance to unfold the hidden talent and strengths within us. A bond of understanding and connection develops. Now, the employees can get acclimatize to the company culture more easily.

Bringing together the entire team away from the bustles of the city in the bewitching Victorian Wineries casts a magical spell of Unity. Such offsite retreats invigorate the team and allow the creative juices to flow!

Planning a retreat has its own challenges but here’s how you can kick start.

1.     Setting a Budget

Corporate retreats don’t create a hole in your pocket. Depending upon your company size set your budget. If it’s for the first time, start small. The best way out would be planning a retreat in the off-season or choosing a venue close to Melbourne Airport.

This would fetch you off-season discounts as well as lower commuting costs. Choosing a newly opened restaurant in Bendigo would further slash the prices.

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2.     Picking a Location

The location of your retreat is equally important as the retreat itself. Booking a Victorian Vineyard near Melbourne airport within a small drive would make your team-mates happy and relaxed. And yes, booking during off-season and shoulder season could definitely save you some dough.

Mesmerizing Vineyards in the countryside set the tone of your corporate retreat. The freshly brewed wine, melange beverages and awe-inspiring ambience encourage the members to bring in their A-game.

Because it won’t be possible to scout each and every location for your event; you might want to take help from Google and your smart assistant. Just explore “Best Victorian vineyards near me”, and you are greeted with numerous results. Shortlist a few of them.

Shortlisting can be done by visiting the official website, checking ratings and reviews and making a call. Personally visit the site. Check the ambience, seating arrangement, capacity, menu (catering), AV system and DJ.

If the dates are available, ask for the best corporate deals and packages. Most of the good Victorian Winery restaurants offer in-house catering as well. Check out some samples before zeroing in the deal.

3.     Organizing Memorable Activities

Design some fun activities or deep-dive talks. Don’t take the entire responsibility on your shoulders. Delegate the task to your colleagues or approach professional event managers. These professionals are proficient in handling retreats and make your event alive and kicking.

The Big Hill Vineyard: A Perfect Venue for Effective Getaways

The breathtaking ambience of The Big Hill Vineyard inculcates the desired spur of productivity, meaningful relationships and juice up the morale of the team-mates. The gastronomic delights and collations prepared by in-house connoisseur chefs will turn your retreat event successful.

The three function rooms can easily accommodate 10 to 500 guests with customized seating arrangements. Equipped with all the latest and modern technologies, The Big Hill Vineyard is one of the burgeoning names in the best Victorian restaurants with wineries. 

The moment your guests pass the reception they are greeted with 12 acres of Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon along with a resplendent gazebo. The entire area is circumvented by a spectacular array of roses. Make your corporate retreat event memorable for life with warm and amiable hospitality by The Big Hill Vineyard.

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