How to host a successful Christmas dinner in Bendigo?

How to host a successful Christmas dinner in Bendigo?

The upcoming Christmas holidays are a perfect time of the year to be spent with family and friends. And what would be a better way than to host a Christmas dinner party for your loved ones?

Hosting a Christmas dinner party at home needs more attention and toiling than the regular dinner party nights. If you are planning to cook all by yourself, then it could be a stressful and daunting task. But, with the right planning, the course could turn out smoother and easier. Here at, The Big Hill Restaurant and Café, we would like to share a few professional tips to make your Christmas dinner party successful.

1.      Send the invites early

We all know Christmas calendar gets occupied pretty quickly, so it’s better to send the invites as early as possible. Whether you are planning to host a party at home or at a popular restaurant for Christmas lunch in Bendigo, prior intimation is a must.

If you are hosting a personal party, then make sure to invite your guests’ spouses and dates. Also, notify your guests if your party is for adults only. This will give your guests time to find a baby sitter for their children.

2.      Plan the menu

After receiving a “yes” from your guests, it’s time to plan out what to cook. It’s totally up to you if you want to cook all by yourself or order food online from the best Bendigo restaurant near you. While planning the menu, make sure to ask your guests regarding any dietary concerns. People could be vegetarians or some could be having any food allergies, so plan the food accordingly. 

If you plan to cook, try to keep the menu simple and go for a buffet presentation rather than table service. This will allow the guests to ‘help’ you so that you can also enjoy your party.

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3.      Prepare few dishes on Christmas Eve

Start the preparation one night before Christmas such as peeling and cutting the vegetables can be done beforehand. Store them in cold water or fridge overnight so as to keep them fresh. This will help you avoid rushing at the last minute on Christmas. If fact, you can pre-cook a few of your vegetables the night before.

 In this way, you could wind up with your cooking early and get time to focus on decorations and other arrangements.

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4.      Be ready with the equipment

Make a checklist of all the equipment you would need for your Christmas dinner preparation such as oven trays, foil, serving bowls etc. Take out your cutlery as per your menu. This checklist would save a lot of your time and avoid last-minute stress and hassles.

Try using sticky notes to remember which cutlery would go with each dish. 

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5.      Allow family to help

Festivals are all about spending time with loved ones and family. So, why not get them involved in kitchen work and enjoy their company for some more time. If any person has some preferences regarding any chore, allow them to help in their way. You never know, your family might even suggest a great dish of their own to be added to the table.

Cooking together creates fun-filled and happy memories, that you would love to cherish even after years.

6.      Don’t leave everything for the d-day

Try to cover as much as you can beforehand such as decoration, cutlery and pre-cooking. Leaving everything for the last minute would turn the things messy and unorganized. Don’t forget that there many tiny things that would need time beside cooking such as home & table decoration, lighting candles, dressing up etc.

Have great fun!

Take pictures, wear the best clothes, play music and enjoy the evening. Hosting an elegant Christmas dinner party in Bendigo is a perfect way to relax and spend quality time with loved ones.  Order $1 coffee online from The Big Hill Café and make your Christmas dinner more budget-friendly.  Try the special Christmas take-away and home delivery menu exclusively designed by our culinary experts. Order it now!