How to Host a Memorable Virtual Wedding Party?

How to Host a Memorable Virtual Wedding Party?

With new COVID-restriction in place, intimate and open-air weddings are the new normal. Don’t worry if your plan of having a grandeur wedding is not working. Rather than cancelling or postponing your wedding, let’s work over Plan-B i.e. “Virtual Wedding”!

After the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like the wedding industry in Australia has hit the reset button. With major re-adjustments going on, people are preferring alfresco (open-air) and intimate wedding functions.  This is well proven by record-breaking bookings happening at wineries in Victoria for weddings even on weekdays. Adapting to the new norms and in order to ensure safety from infection, an era of virtual weddings has kicked off.

What is a Virtual Wedding?

Virtual wedding is a wedding where your guests join you online for the wedding ceremony. The couple and the guests together come live on a video call via a software or web application. So, don’t worry, if you dreamt of a grandeur celebration for your wedding and couldn’t do it due to risk of infection. You can still make all your guests attend your intimate affair at wineries in Victoria for weddings through virtual mode.

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Choose a Platform

After finalizing one of the best wedding venue restaurants for your small gathering wedding in Victoria, it’s time to work over the online platform. Your guests would be joining with you on a video call through this platform. Many platforms are surfacing around such as Google Meet, Zoom, Facebook Live etc.

Zoom is one of the most popular and widely used video conferencing platforms. You can easily start a meeting and share the link with your guests. The free version has time restrictions as well as a limit on the number of people joining. But these limitations can be eliminated after paying a small fee.

If you are looking for a free, easy and affordable option with great features then go for Google Meet, Facebook Live or YouTube Live feature.

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Send Invites to Your Guests

Now, it’s time to send the invitations to your guests for your virtual wedding. You can easily design/create wedding invites using online software or you can drop a personalized Whatsapp or Facebook message to your guests. Don’t forget to include details such as link and date & time of the wedding. So, even if you are having a weekday wedding in one of the best wedding venue restaurants in Victoria, your guests would be able to make it.

Most importantly, make sure to add a section that would assist them in using that platform and accessing it (step-by-step information) especially for newbies.

Don’t Miss on Food

A virtual wedding doesn’t mean that your guests would miss out on the grand wedding feast. Order food for your guests from the best café and restaurants in Bendigo! Explore the Victoria restaurants dining guide and select the best suited. In fact, you can ask your caterer to deliver the feast at your guest’s place.

Don’t Miss out on Technicalities

It’s vital to organize the technical stuff properly. Perform testing beforehand to ensure all connections are functioning appropriately and at a good speed without buffering. You can even use a tripod for your streaming and better visualization. Make sure to have good internet speed so that the connection doesn’t get broken in the mid-way.   

Take the Natural Advantage

Want to make your wedding look beautiful? Then go for a day wedding. An open-air or alfresco wedding ceremony takes advantage of natural light and enables high-quality virtual streaming. Go for vineyard weddings in Victoria to make the backdrop even more beautiful and serene.  The Big Hill Vineyard is one of the most popular wedding function venues in Bendigo offering perfect backdrops for a memorable virtual wedding. Our in-house catering allows home delivery as well for all your guests residing in the nearby areas. Call us today to book your date. For more enquiries feel free to email us at info@bighillfunctions.com  or call us directly at +61 03 4417 6802, +61 411 817 504.