How to host a budget-friendly company team outing and corporate retreats?

How to host a budget-friendly company team outing and corporate retreats?

Noticing some dropping shoulders in the office and laziness in the air? Well, it’s time to plan out a team outing or brunch at best café in Bendigo.

Employee satisfaction and happiness are the key ingredients for great company culture. A strong bond between the employees, colleagues and company has an out sizing impact on products, brand and result in great customer experience.  Team outings or brunch parties at best café in Bendigo help in eliminating the communicative boundaries that exist in that office space.

A corporate team lunch or outing builds your intellectual capital which is desired for overall competency of the company. The team outings and corporate retreats in a café near Melbourne airport help in reducing employees’ stress and rejuvenate them for the rest of the year.

Budget issues? Now, no more!

Here’s how you can plan your team outing without making a dent in the company’s pocket.

There are many factors that require your consideration while planning such as venue, date, time and number of people. So, let’s get started one by one.

1.      Time of the event

The best and the most convenient time to host company outing would be during lunch hours. Most of the top-rated cafés in Bendigo near you lower the rental rates during the day time. Additionally, you can expect more rates slashing on weekdays. Moreover, employees are already together during lunch hours so no time is wasted in gathering them.

Unlike a weekend party, employees don’t have to make separate arrangements or spare their time to attend the party. In case, a weekday lunch event is not working, go for a Monday evening party. Book a time slot where employees can go straight from their workplace to the venue.

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2.      Food for the party

There are two broad options- a buffet or a plated meal. The choice of food should be in accordance with your party’s theme. While buffets allow more mingling with people as you stand in line but they could be costly as compared to plated meals. So, if you are looking for something affordable, opt for plated meals. But, if you want to give choices to your people to enjoy, go for buffets.

Ask your venue manager for special arrangements. Also, prefer in-house caterer than getting the catering done from a third party caterer.

Pay close attention to the choice of beverages. You may prefer non-alcoholic beverages for a daytime event. But, if you are hosting a corporate retreat event on weekend or in the evening, alcohol could be offered as per limits set by you. Again, to make the entire thing budget-friendly try creating few signature drinks/cocktails and reduce the cost of offering full bar to your colleagues.

This not only makes things fall in the budget but also ensure that people drink in limits.

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3.      Alfresco event

Organizing your team outing in a winery restaurant in Bendigo is going to win the hearts of your co-workers and offers an experience to cherish for a lifetime. The natural beauty of the Vineyards acts as a tranquillizer and serene ambience rejuvenates the employee from within.  Ask the venue manager to arrange for some selfie points to make the outing refreshing and memorable.

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Also, before finalizing the best café in Bendigo for your next corporate retreat, make sure to go through the ratings and reviews on Google as well as social media.  The venue should have alternate arrangements in case your outdoor event can get affected by extreme weather conditions. And don’t forget to ask for corporate discounts!

So, with a bit of planning, you can easily manage a budget-friendly team outing for your company. The Big Hill Restaurant and café is one of the best cafés in Bendigo offering rich services, warm hospitality, scrumptious treats and stunning ambience. The best part is that you can order food online for your in-house meeting also. Call us to enquire dates for your next company outing and book it before anyone else does.