How To Hire a Caterer For Your Dream Wedding? Things To Consider

How to hire a caterer for your dream wedding? Things to consider

Food is a vital part of your dreamy wedding. In reality, most of the guests attend the function only for a sumptuous meal. So, it’s crucial to aim for top-notch catering services to impress the guests and make your wedding memorable for everyone!

Food is something that acquires the largest portion of your wedding budget. So it is natural, that you want to get the best services for the investment made. If you are not a professional, finding the best Bendigo Restaurant offering excellent catering might turn out to be a nightmare for you. Don’t worry. Here are a few simple steps that help you find the best caterer for your dreamy Vineyard wedding in Victoria.

1.      Work on your budget

The first thing that you need to work over is your number of guests and your budget. Setting a budget at first help you find the right vendor and avoid any misunderstandings at a later stage. Make sure to take 4-5 quotes before making your final decision.

2.      Look for recommendations

Ask for referrals from your relatives, friends or colleagues who had hired a vendor recently. ‘Word of mouth’ is considered as the most ideal. As the people from whom you take recommendations are trustable, you will get the right feedback about food quality and other services offered by the vendor.

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3.      Search Online

Use the power of the internet and lookout for the best Victoria restaurants dining guide. Just Google it or use your smart voice assistant to explore best wedding restaurants with awesome catering services. You will be greeted with n number of options. Check the reviews, stars and comments to make a tentative list of vendors and weed out the unsatisfactory ones.

You can also ask your wedding venue manager for any recommendations with whom they have worked in past. They can certainly help you find someone within your budget.

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4.      Visit the premises

It’s important to pay a visit to their kitchen before signing the deal. Fix an appointment and watch out for things such as cleanliness, hygiene measures, the professionalism of the staff etc. Make sure to mitigate the vendor having a chaotic and dirty kitchen.

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5.      Staff Availability

While working over the shortlisted options, don’t forget to ask for full staff availability on your D-day. The number of staff members required depends on the nature of your event. Discuss the same with the catering or venue manager to work on your needs.

6.      Menu Tasting

Fix an appointment with the vendors in your tentative lists to schedule a menu tasting so that you can check the samples and approve the dishes to be served. If a vendor does not offer or refuses tasting, skip it and move to someone that offers the same. If your guests have special dietary requirements, make sure to inform that to your caterer too. 

7.      Avoid someone who is over booked

There may be many caterers who are over-booked on your day and are still ready to take up your job. It may sound manageable but could turn out to be chaotic later. Chances are there that they may not be able to give their 100% to the work and hamper the quality of food/services.  It may leave your guests disappointed and can spoil your best day.

8.      Read the T&C

If all things are falling in place, last but still not the least, ensure to read the terms and conditions document carefully. Understand their payment policies, cancellations, conditions on increasing the guest count number etc. Clarify all your queries before signing the document to avoid last-minute dispute.

Wrapping Up

Finding the best vendor for your wedding day is not an extremely difficult task. It’s just that you need to have the right approach with a clear plan of action. The Big Hill Restaurant and Café not only offers the best-in-class food for your D-day but makes sure that it becomes the conversation starter for years to come. Our culinary maestros and their team leave no stone unturned to make your event etched in the hearts of your guests.  Looking for the best wedding venue restaurants with the best in-house catering service? The Big Hill Restaurant is your ultimate choice. Call us today at +61 03 4417 6802 or +61 411 817 504 to enquire availability or email us at info@bighillfunctions.com for more information. Book your dates today before anyone else does!