How to enjoy 2020 Christmas lunch with friends in a restaurant?

How to enjoy 2020 Christmas lunch with friends in a restaurant?

Christmas is the best time to spend some moments with friends and roll back in time and enjoy the nostalgic moments. Christmas 2020 celebrations would be slightly different this year as the restaurant may get packed and you might not get space. Here are a few tips that help you make your restaurant Christmas lunch experience memorable.

Christmas and New Year are the most awaited periods of the year for families and friends as they allow spending some precious moments with each other. What would be a better way of enjoying Christmas than by having dinner or pre-Christmas lunch at the best Bendigo restaurant.

Moments spend in a restaurant are much better than moments spent in a park or under a tree. The amazing ambience, food and drinks together make a wonderful Christmas. Chatting about golden moments of the year and next year’s plans makes your day beautiful and memorable.

But, due to the heavy rush during the festive season, the table may be reserved already. It may happen that you may not get a seat to dine-in with your group or a problem arises regarding your dietary preferences. So, here are a few quick tips to help you celebrate Christmas in your favourite restaurant with preferred style, service and food.

1.      Make a Reservation

Make reservations and book the table by visiting the restaurant website or by calling them. Do it as far in advance as you can to rule out any last-minute hassles. If you are not getting your preferred slot, don’t be upset. In fact, be flexible and adjust as per the restaurant. This ensures the best service, food and world-class hospitality from the restaurant side. 

Explore google for best Christmas lunch restaurants and enquire about availability, seating capacity and their menu. You can also check Victorian restaurant dining guide online to get the best dining experience.

2.      Let the restaurant know your requirements

Make sure to inform the restaurant about the number of guests coming along with you, any dietary requirements or any preferred seating arrangement or location. If any of your guests is having a birthday, don’t forget to tell the restaurant. Also, don’t forget to enquire about parking area or any assistance they offer for disables.

3.      Keep the restaurant updated about any changes

It may happen that a few more guests are added at the last moment. Even the best restaurant in Bendigo may not be able to fit you all on that day. The moment you come to know about any addition or dropping in the number of guests, inform your restaurant. This helps them to make extra arrangements if possible.  Your table will be laid before you arrive in a way you wanted.

4.      Arrive on-time

Try to arrive at least five minutes before your scheduled reservation. Try not to be late. Call or inform the restaurant in case it is unavoidable. Also, if you won’t be able to make it inform the restaurant as soon as possible so that they can adjust some other guests who are in the waiting queue.

Bonus Tip!

If you know that your friends are latecomers, tell them an advance time such as 20 minutes early. So, this makes them arrive on time and you can enjoy your Christmas get-together lunch with your on-time friends!

5.      Give food order at the same time

Christmas may be a busy day for the restaurant and so as for waiters and waitresses. Don’t give them a run around for recharging the empty glasses. Give your food, drinks etc order at the same time. Don’t forget that food preparation takes time. The more you delay in giving food order, the later it will arrive.

The best way is to appoint one amongst your group as the head of the table. This person only should communicate and give order to the waiter on the behalf of the group. This will indeed make all your Christmas celebrations go smoothly.

6.      Want separate bills? Tell them before hand

Paying as a single bill and later dividing them per head is the best way to pay. But, in case you want separate billing, convey the same to the waiter at the beginning of the meal. Let them know who would be paying individually and who all would be paying together. This helps the restaurant to prepare bill speedily and accurately.

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