How to Choose a Marriage Celebrant for Your Dream Wedding?

How to choose a marriage celebrant for your dream wedding?

Celebrants play an important role in making your dream wedding after all they are the ones who make your wedding official and legal. Finding the right celebrant used to be very tough in earlier times but not anymore. Here are a few tips that help you find a perfect celebrant to officiate your marriage.

According to statistics by the Government of Australia, around 80% (four out of five) marriages in Australia are performed by a civil celebrant. Choosing the right celebrant that legalizes your wedding and solemnize your wedding in Bendigo is extremely important. They have knowledge about certain beliefs/traditions and will offer a suggestion if anything is to be included or excluded in the ceremony. 

Don’t go randomly in choosing just any celebrant. Invest time and find out someone who makes your day roll out nicely.

Why do you need a celebrant?

Before you start profiling your wedding celebrant, understand their importance in making your D-day memorable and perfect.  For all weddings happening in Australia, it is mandatory to have the ceremony solemnized by an authorized civil celebrant. They not only officiate the wedding and solemnize the ceremony but also take care of all legal formalities and documentation related to the wedding.  

When is the ideal time to book the celebrant?

As soon as you have worked on your dates and secured the wedding venue in Bendigo, book your celebrant. As the celebrants may have prior bookings so connecting with them early would help them manage things accordingly and book your slot.

What should you look for in a celebrant?

There are essentially three things that you have to look for while shortlisting your celebrant- clear communication, personality and strong chemistry. Go for a one that fits in your vibe and style. You should make sure that the celebrant you are booking is fully qualified and is verified as well. You can visit the Attorney General’s website for a complete list of celebrants. 

How to select your ideal celebrant?

According to a survey, 53% of the public preferred celebrants with a unique and interesting approach while 21% chose a celebrant via referral from relatives/friends. Here’s how you can find your ideal celebrant:

  • Reviews and Testimonials

In a quest to find the right celebrant, you can explore the digital platforms and lookout for celebrants having positive reviews and great testimonials. As the reviews are written by real people, it becomes easy to understand their approach and their working strategy with couples. Explore their websites, Google reviews, social media sites like Facebook etc.

  • Referrals

Ask for someone who got married recently in your family or friend circle. Word of mouth makes your shortlisting process even easier.

  • Budget

A lot of things depend on your wedding budget. Look out for a celebrant that fits in your budget but don’t go for cheap ones. Hastily picking up someone may not meet your expectations.

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It’s time to question

After shortlisting your prospects, proceed for an in-person consultation that helps you build a personal connection. Make a checklist of questions before visiting the celebrant. Include and ask all essential questions to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the lane.  From availability to legalities and payment, try to cover everything before signing the contract.

Finalizing a wedding celebrant is a highly personalized affair that cannot be ignored at any cost. Choose your celebrant wisely and make your special day memorable.

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